Legacy PBXs are based on the traditional telephone network while IP PBXs use IP networks to transmit calls. Over the last couple of years, the traditional BRI and PRI lines have started to become rapidly replaced by the VoIP service, the growth of which does not seem to be slowing down.

This results in greater opportunities for service providers focused on delivering IP PBX (especially cloud-based) and SIP trunking services to SMBs and enterprises. By using SIP trunking, companies can replace the conventional telephone trunk.

There are two ways to do that:

1. Connect the legacy PBX to a gateway that converts SIP to PSTN (and vice versa).
2. Use an on-premises or cloud-based IP PBX.

You may be interested to know the reason some companies still use legacy telephony systems instead of using a leased line for their telephony service.

One of the telecom veterans, Richard “Zippy” Grigonis, shared the results of a Level 3 study in a TMCnet article, listing the top five reasons for not switching to VoIP:

  • Satisfied with current service
  • Was never offered a special incentive to switch
  • Not aware of the cost of the service
  • Not familiar with the provider
  • Concerned about VoIP’s quality and reliability

Those points show what scares business clients away from switching to VoIP. With this in mind, you could create a strategy and a list of questions for yourself before approaching such customers.

Take your time to answer the following questions right now if you are planning to offer IP PBX for corporate clients:

  • If they are satisfied with their current supplier, how will you create a need for them?
  • Switching to another provider can be very painful. What is in your service that would encourage them to make a change?
  • If they are interested in cutting costs, how much will they save after they start using your services — in a month or a year? When will the investment pay off?
  • Is your brand and name well known? If not, do you have references that would prove you are doing a great job?
  • How can you ensure high voice quality? What will you do if their Internet connection goes down?

As you see, you should demonstrate credibility, reliability, and a high value of VoIP versus traditional landlines to gain the trust of a business client.

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