SEO in York

Gary Hall
4 min readMay 1, 2019

Seo in York is proving to be extremely popular. This article looks at the state of the SEO market in York. It identifies who the main companies and freelancers are and what other services they provide as well as Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO in York, England

York SEO — Freelance or Agency?

Choosing between an agency and a freelancer for your York SEO work can be tricky. Whilst an agency offers deeper in-house resources, freelance SEOs can compete more competitively on price and have a network of partners to call on when needed.

An SEO agency is usually an established SEO firm, with a team of SEO experts, with knowledge and experience in search engine optimisation. The reasons for hiring an established SEO agency in York are simple. They are trustworthy, affordable, easy to manage and have a good reputation in the industry.

The other option would be to hire a York SEO freelancer. This would be someone who specialises in SEO and has a lot of years doing so. They should be professional and personal and know their stuff. They should also be able to rank well for SEO services in their vicinity (e.g. SEO York) as well as ranking in the first few pages for freelance SEO nationally.

Freelance SEO Consultants in York

Freelance SEOs not only take on your SEO project but keep every aspect of it in mind and are responsible to bring in more traffic, ranking and leads for your business.

Usually people who are not satisfied with the agency atmosphere and way of working hire freelance SEOs for their online marketing needs as freelance SEOs usually don’t take too many projects and can listen to you more frequently then SEO agencies.

Two of the leading SEO consultants in York are SEO in York and Gaz Hall.

SEO in York

SEO in York have over 15 years’ experience in designing and marketing websites.

According to their website: “We’ve honed our skills and fuelled the fire of our geekery to offer you innovative, beautiful design and powerful marketing services.”

This SEO York consultant offers Web based & Stand Alone Systems, IT and Website Support, Digital photography, Editing and Video Production. Business cards, Flyers, Logos & Animated Banners.

Gaz Hall

Gaz Hall is an experienced SEO who has spent the last 20 years working on Search Engine Optimisation. He has many years experience in technical SEO and SEO audits and ranks well in Google for many search terms.

He has worked with big name brands such as bet365, LG and betVictor as well as smaller, local Yorkshire companies who have had their search rankings boosted dramatically by his work. Gaz also runs an SEO agency — Search Authority — which provide local York SEO services as well as search engine optimisation services throughout the UK.

SEO Agencies in York

If you need a bigger team, outsourcing to an SEO company can be a good choice. Generally, an SEO agency will have good knowledge of the current SEO trends and strategies.

SEO agencies usually consist of content producers, link builders, and project managers so you’ll have everything you need under one roof. They may also outsource to Freelancers if there is anything that they can’t cover inhouse.


One SEO agency in York that ranks quite highly for the keywords “seo york” is Bowhouse, a dynamic, innovative digital design agency based in Easingwold, York. Apart from providing SEO services from their base in York, Bowhouse also offer web design, e-commerce, print design, branding and apps.

Edge 45

Another SEO agency that we’ll look at is Edge45, a Digital Marketing Agency founded by Colin Docherty in 2015. The team at Edge45 have worked as account managers and SEO Consultants for some of the largest digital marketing agencies in the country, and Edge45 represents the culmination of the insights and lessons learned in these companies. Customers of Edge 45 include Vantage Leasing, Grey’s Fine Foods and Hello Hot Tubs.

Agency 51

Based in the York Business Park, Agency 51 are an agency offering digital strategy, PPC, SEO, content marketing and PR. As part of the PureNet group of companies, their customers include the York Coffee Emporium, Ride-away and Mindlink.

White Mouse Digital

Another company offering SEO services in York is White Mouse Digital. The company offers SEO consultancy, outreach and digital PR, technical SEO, reporting and analytics. Customers for this York based agency include not in love and Greenies.

As you can see, there is a lot of talent in York for providing search engine optimisation services. The city is a leading digital hub and has many companies offering services that contribute to website build, content creation and marketing.

York is also a very contemporary city with a vibrant student population and the accolade of York being the UK’s first UNESCO City of Media Arts.